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 Power Supply

  CCTV Power Supply

Name: 9CH 24V AC output Camera Power Supply Unit  
Model: MPS-PTC145-B9


   9ch PTC Power Supplies  
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9CH PTC distribute Power Supply Box (9ch PTC Central Power Supply)
Input Voltage AC220-240V
Input Voltage Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Specification
Output Voltage 24 VAC
Total Output Current 5A(500mA/outputs,9channels for 9 sets security cameras)
Total Outputs 120W
Fuse Type PTC (Resetable fuse)
Fuse Rating

1.1Amps / 60VAC

General Protection each output has individual PTC (Resetable) fuse and LED indicator, when problem  occurs,only affect the individual output, other outputs still working
Circuit Short Protection when short condition occurs, individual PTC (Resetable) fuse will open the circuit,when condition removed, PTC (Resetable) fuse will automatically back to close
High Voltage Protection NO
High-temperature protection 135℃ Output shutdown
Feature Power ON/OFF switch
  Unit maintains camera synchronization

Easy installation saves time and eliminates costly labor

CCTV Camera, PTZ, IR Illuminators, Video Process Equipment, etc.
Access Control Reader, Lock, Panel, etc.
Shape and installation dimension
ptc power box Dimension

CCTV :Closed Circuit Television
PTC:Positive Temperature Coefficient
PSU:Power Supply Unit
PTZ:Pan Tilt Zoom

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